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Teardrop Shape
This model has a plaintive,
sweet traditional sound,
and is available in cherry
(as shown), or cherry with a walnut soundboard. Its simplicity, of which I am very fond, focuses attention on the acoustics.
The current headstock style is the four-piece head shown on the teardrop in the right-hand column.


Jerry Rockwell
PO Box 79
Guysville, OH 45735-0079
Phone and voicemail:
E-mail: jcrockwell@gmail.com

Large Deep Teardrop

4 Strings (Double melody string) or 4-equidistant
4 Round soundholes
String length, Nut to Bridge: 28"
Optional string lengths 26, or 29.75"

Tuners: 15:1 ratio enclosed vintage Kluson-style machines on flat headstock (see photo on right)
Strings: .010" melody, .014" middle, .022" bass
Tuned D-A-D for shipping
Sides: 2" deep

LDT $395



Photos: Left © copyright 1996
by Stan Alost, above 1998 by Mary Lautzenheiser. All rights reserved.