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"Contemplative, serene, and touching. Wonderful work" Tim P. on Singing Messenger
2 / 6
"You gave quite different and fresh taste to this familiar classic song. Very beautiful!" Barry S. on House of the Rising Sun
3 / 6
"Am enjoying the smooth sound, and it made me sing along with this track. Love it!" - K.L.C. on Kate's Tune
4 / 6
"This is so transparent and fragile. Beautiful!" - H. K. on Kate's Tune
5 / 6
"floating down the river of life, around the rocks and through the eddy pools :-) .....just great!" - M. W. on Kate's Tune
6 / 6
"Brilliant sounds and arrangement, Jerry! Incredibly soothing, calming the soul ... thank you!" - S. S. on Singing Messenger

Experience the soothing, gentle sounds of the electric and acoustic
Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer, as played by Jerry Rockwell